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On August 12th , the MemberDirect legal agreement will be updated to reflect the addition of future products and services...
Catalyst Credit Union is accepting donations for relief efforts related to:                                               Manitoba Flooding 2014      Donations of $10 or more...
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Catalyst Credit Union is the proud sponsor of Manitoba MudRun 2014   Who- anyone 14 years before Aug 9, 2014...

Financial Planning

Affectionate Senior Couple On Tropical Beach Holiday
Although most of us envision a life where we retire as couples, many partners stop working at different points. In...
Elderly Seniors Couple
At some point, you’ll need to have “the talk” with your parents about their finances and their financial future. Planning...

Exchange Rate Calculator

Buy: $ 1.1095
Sell: $ 1.0745

Updated: July 30, 2014


*for a rate for $5,000 and over, please call your branch

US Exchange Rates

BUYING: 1.1095SELLING: 1.0745
Updated: July 30, 2014View Calculator
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