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Catalyst Credit Union held a FAT CAT draw for two bikes. With every deposit our FAT CATs made, they had a...
A Live Video of Catalyst CU’s Annual General Meeting, as well as the 2016 Annual Report is now available. You...
It’s a fact that today’s consumers are demanding payment acceptance to be faster, more accessible through multiple channels and want...

Financial Planning

Many people consider moving to another location in Canada when they retire, with studies revealing that one-third to one-half of...
Your retirement dreams can come true if you have a solid investment plan in place. Follow these four golden rules...

Exchange Rate Calculator

Buy: $1.3507
Sell: $1.3157

Updated: June 23, 2017


*for a rate for $5,000 and over, please call your branch

US Exchange Rates

BUYING: 1.3507SELLING: 1.3157
Updated: June 23, 2017View Calculator
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