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Catalyst Credit Union has partnered with Gilbert Plains Coop to assist the Gilbert Plains Recreation Commission with the purchase of...
Catalyst Credit Union held a FAT CAT draw for $100. With every deposit our FAT CATs made, they had a chance...
Thank you to all of our members who completed our Member Survey for 2016! Those who submitted their contact information were...

Financial Planning

Your retirement dreams can come true if you have a solid investment plan in place. Follow these four golden rules...
Are you saving for your children's post-secondary education? By starting early, it can help grow education funds by making...

Exchange Rate Calculator

Buy: $1.3560
Sell: $1.3210

Updated: January 20, 2017


*for a rate for $5,000 and over, please call your branch

US Exchange Rates

BUYING: 1.3560SELLING: 1.3210
Updated: January 20, 2017View Calculator
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