Catalyst Prime

Combine chequing and savings account into one interest bearing chequing account, eliminating the need to transfer from savings to chequing.


  • Tiered interest, calculated daily, paid monthly
  • No monthly fee
  • Catalyst Prime Personal: $1000 MMB
  • Catalyst Prime Commercial & Agriculture: $5000 MMB

Minimum Monthly Balance includes:

  • Unlimited transactions including cheques and POS transactions
  • Bill payments: OTC, Internet or Telephone banking
  • Ding Free Canadian Credit Union ATM transactions

Service Fees

If MMB not maintained, the following service fees apply:

  • 0.70 per cheque / pre-authorized debit
  • 0.45 per Interac direct payment
  • $1.50 OTC
  • $0.50 Online or Telephone Banking

ATM Transactions

  • Ding FREE Canadian Credit Union ATM
  • $1.50 Non-CU ATM
  • $3.00 US ATM/ International ATM
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