Becoming A Member

Membership with Catalyst Credit Union is more than an ownership, it is about belonging.  When you become a member, you belong to our community and together making our bond within the Parkland stronger.

As a member, you have a vote to decide who should be on our Board of Directors.
The Catalyst vision to be the superior financial institution involves not only offering competitive rates & services, wealth management and insurance provider for people and organizations in the Parkland area, but also putting policies in place that help build stronger, sustainable communities.

Given the choice, more and more people see the value of becoming a Catalyst Credit Union member because we promote the sense of belonging to the communities we serve. You belong here.

To become a Catalyst Credit Union member, simply visit any of our branches and ask to open an account or complete our online membership application form below, submit it electronically and we’ll call you to make an appointment to complete the process.

Please fill out the form below to request membership:

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