Seminars in our Communities

Brian Trainor, a retired police detective from Saskatoon, SK, was visiting our Catalyst communities of Gilbert Plains, Dauphin, and Roblin from November 21-23, 2016.

Each day, Brian gave an engaging presentation on Cyberbullying at the local high schools. In total, Brian was able to reach over 800 high school students from Gilbert Plains, Dauphin, Ethelbert and Roblin to speak to them about cyberbullying and internet safety. For students and parents alike, please visit Brian Trainor’s website for additional information and resources on this topic.

Brian also gave two workshops on Fraud, which was free to the public in both Roblin and Dauphin. He focused primarily on Power of Attorney abuse – how to recognize the signs, what to do to protect yourself from it, and what to do if it is happening to you or someone you know. Power of Attorney Abuse is a type of Fraud/Theft. For more information and resources on this type of Fraud, as well as others such as telemarketing, internet scams, and identity theft, please visit the link to Brian Trainor’s website.


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