Attention Members!

We have completed our banking system merge.

Thank you for your patience during our banking system merge.  We look forward to providing the new services we have to offer you as a result of our partnership!

Please note the following:

  • Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for Telephone and Internet banking may be re-set.  You may need to contact your branch for assistance (your log-in/user name will remain the same)
  • Catalyst members will need to create a new, stronger password for Internet banking and re-register their Direct Alerts

As of June 17, you will notice that online banking and our mobile app is branded as ‘Vanguard’, which is a result of our banking system merge and is only temporary!

Additionally, the online services that many of our members use require a new password or update for members of legacy Catalyst.

Please review the following details and if you have any questions, you can give us a call or come see us so that we can walk you through it.

Online Banking

If you have bookmarked online banking in your favorites you will need to update the link.  Please click on the online banking icon at or to do so!

All members will be able to access pre-merge e-statements using the new online banking link.

CRA bill payees – as a result of the merge, you may need to setup your CRA bill payee on Internet Banking


Members of legacy Catalyst will need to re-register their profiles and setup recipients post-merge, as the previous data did not carry forward. Outstanding e-transfers for legacy Catalyst members were cancelled and will require the e-transfer to be created and resent.   A staff member will contact affected members.

Temporary PAC

Members of legacy Catalyst will be required to enter a temporary password (PAC) during the first log-in to online banking OR Telephone Banking after Sunday, June 17. Once that is complete, members will be prompted to enter a new PAC of choice.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your temporary PAC!

Mobile App

Please download the Vanguard app post-merge, and uninstall the Catalyst mobile app to continue using this method of banking.

Increased Authentication:

Members of legacy Catalyst will need to re-enroll for Increased Authentication post-merge.

Direct Alerts:

Members of legacy Catalyst will need to re-setup existing Security Alerts and Small Business Banking alerts post-merge.

Member to Member Transfer:

Some of our members required a new member number because of duplicates in our Vanguard & Catalyst systems. If you notice a number in your transfer list that is unfamiliar to you, please give us a call to confirm!

Personal Financial Management (PFM)

As we completed our banking system merge, we were unable to bring over any categorization or specific data that you may have set up in PFM. If you’d like to continue to use it, we ask that you set up your preferences in the same way that you did initially.

PAC Reset

The PAC reset service has been temporarily disabled during our banking system merge and we anticipate that it will be available to all members later this month.

Deposit Anywhere

Please download the Vanguard App to resume utilizing Deposit Anywhere.

What’s not changing?

  •  The Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your debit card will not change
  •  Direct deposits and pre-authorized transactions will continue to be processed as usual
  •  Your cheques will still work through your account
  •  Your online bill payment vendor list and account histories will be carried forward

New Services for Members Post-Merge

Online Subaccount Opening

The ability to open a chequing or savings account under your current membership is available for all members post-merge!

Telephone Banking

We are pleased to provide automated telephone banking for all of our members! If you don’t currently use this service and interested in trying it out, please contact us and we’ll be happy to set it up for you!

Online Banking Loan Payments

The ability to make loan payments through online banking is now available for all members!

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